Shiro Otagaki Museum

Mr. Shiro Otagaki.
He was a great man from Kinosaki and born here in 1894.
In 1951 he became the first president of Kansai Electric Company Inc. which is one of the biggest electric companies in Japan.
In 1963 the company completed the Kurobe 4th Hydroelectric dam, which is called “the 20th century pyramid.” At that time it was said to have been the largest in Asia.
He proposed that he would make the ropeway for Kinosaki’s development.
A museum now has an exhibition about his life’s work.

Onsenji Temple

The origin of Onsenji
In 717 Dochi-Shonin , a Buddhist priest who was traveling around Japan, was told by the oracle of Shishomyojin to undergo further Buddhist training for a thousand days.
After his training was complete, hot springs emerged from the ground.

This was the beginning of the story of Kinosaki Onsen.
After that, a Buddhist sculptor named Keimon came to rest at the hot spring.
Coincidently he found an incomplete statue in the river that he had previously thrown away.
He went on to complete that statue and called it “Juichimen-kannon”.
Then Dochi-Shonin built Onsenji Temple and enshrined the statue.
The temple was given the name “Matsudaisan Onsenji” by Emperor Shomu.
It has protected Kinosaki Onsen and also the people gathering here for more than 1300 years.
The principal image of Buddha.
The 11 faces Goddess of Mercy statue is 2 meters high.
It’s made from a single Japanese cypress and is the work of a Buddhist sculptor named Keimon in Yamato Province.
It can only be seen every 33 years.

Onsenji Museum

Onsenji’s statue of Buddha has been owned by Onsenji Temple since the year 1000 in the Kamakura period.
The ancient texts, the Buddhist picture etc. have been displayed there.